Turn Up Tuesdays w/Stassi: 2020 Vision pt. 3

Yeah it’s nearing the end of March and I’m posting about a 2020 Vision… Interesting enough, I have been reflecting a bit on 2020 because like I hope most of y’all are doing – I ain’t got nothing but time on my hands as I sit at home on lockdown. Yes, we are still expected to work, but when you cannot go anywhere, the time it takes to get dressed and drive somewhere ends up me sitting here with my mind spinning in circles.

Anyway, I watched church service online on Sunday, God reminded me of my preparation for this year. If you didn’t see those, then here is part 1 and part 2 of the series. My word for the year was RESET. It was a mandate to refocus my attention on the things of purpose rather than distraction.

I laughed.


When that word was given to me, I didn’t realize that it literally meant that this year I would need to RESET the year and my life. I thought about things that I needed to refocus on, but honestly the year began, a new semester began and it was back to work as usual. It wasn’t until Sunday that I realized that I needed to pull out that part 2 post and think about what I am supposed to be doing this year. It should not be business as usual. I should be living on purpose and targeting my development in each of the areas that I outlined.

So, I’m thankful that I am getting lots of quiet time to strengthen my spiritual journey and personal relationships with others. I am getting time to write about some of the work stuff that has been jumbled up in my mind. I am getting time to focus on my physical health and nutritional reboot. Most of all, I am getting time to rest. REST. REST. So instead of focusing on where I can’t go and what I can’t do right now, I will REST in this time as I RESET me.


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