Turn Up Tuesdays: 2020 Vision pt. 1

I have been thinking about preparations that I need to do to get myself – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – ready for this new year…and decade. I don’t want to get caught slipping. I feel like the last couple of years have come with me trying to catch up on reflecting on the previous year and preparing goals for the new one well into Feb or March. This time I want to be ready.

However, as we approach 2020, I can’t help but to think about the Watch night services and such. I KNOW in 2 weeks we’re going to see all of the 2020 VISION themes. But what does it mean? What does preparing for 2020 Vision look like in application? Is it more than doing a vision board?


Usually, my vision board is a simplified version of what I am striving to achieve during the year. I have to take time in prayer for wisdom and direction as well as time in reflection to access what was accomplished the previous year. It takes some time to really think through my goals in all areas of my life. My focus is mostly on continued growth and I’m thinking I’ll be targeting these themes:

  • Spiritual
  • Professional – career
  • Health/Fitness
  • Personal relationships
  • Financial
  • Entrepreneurial

Drop me a line about your vision process. What do you focus on? How do you develop your ideas?


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