Therapeutic Tuesday: SNOW DAY!!!!!

Yesterday, we were blessed to experience 2 of the most amazing words ever to be found in the teaching language: SNOW DAY!!! Now, whereas some of my colleagues were not too happy about the unexpected day out of school, my wife and I have always welcomed them. Even hoped for them, dare I say. For us, they are a time to sit around and do nothing, which as our children get older becomes a rarity. So we sat around in our pajamas all day, catching up on CW shows and listening to the children play. Emerie ate everything in sight. The boys roughhoused. Zyla tried to get in on that action as well. Kaila made cinnamon rolls for the first time.

Generally, what a snow day amounts to for me? Rejunavation. I’m sitting here at my desk now (mostly) wide awake and ready to attack the day. And as the holiday season approaches and our jam-packed schedules take on an even more hectic pace, I am so appreciative that God dumped 5 inches of snow on us, and that our administration decided that it was best to keep us all at home. See, I don’t care about make-up days. At least for a few days, I’m content to live in the moment of being with my family, snug in our home. It’s soo amazing.

Shoot, I was so relaxed yesterday that I ALMOST let my wife put up the Christmas decorations! That should speak volumes because I’m a staunch “after-Thanksgiving- then Christmas” person.

Anyway, have a blessed day!


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