Funkadelic Friday: Do Two Wrongs Make A Right?


Voting in the United States is suppose to be a DEMOCRATIC PROCESS where EVERYONE has a say through VOTING!  For many years, and even in some places still, the right to vote has been denied based on race as well as gender.  Through marches, various kinds of protest, and yes, even through voting, the right to vote has been granted and even denied.  This makes one ask the question, “why should I care when NONE of these laws and liberties included me in the first place?”  I can’t answer for you but someone I know put it this way. . . “IF YOU ARE NOT AT THE TABLE, YOU ARE ON THE MENU!”  It is extremely important to me to be AT THE TABLE and to help CREATE THE MENU.

What do you say to those who don’t want you at the table? Is there anything that can be done?  Some suggest to have your OWN voter registration drive.  I agree that hosting a voter registration drive is great but . . . some folks that I know believe that it should be a F.U.B.U. event.  For those who don’t know what this means, “For Us, By Us.”  A SEGREGATED VOTER REGISTRATION DRIVE.   I understand the logic but doesn’t this contradict the whole point of voting in a democratic society? Why vote if you want to remain segregated?  Why demonize folks who want to provide support to  their fellowman even if that fellowman looks different?  Why hold EVERY PERSON who looks different for the SINS OF THEIR FATHERS?  Is F.U.B.U. the solution to help the HUMAN RACE move forward so that we all succeed? I was taught that two wrongs don’t make a right.   APPARENTLY THAT IS WRONG according to some.  Working together in one’s race is the accepted way because if you accept the help of “the enemy” you are not standing on your own feet but taking a hand out from “the enemy.”  What do you think?

Last time I checked, we live in a world of mixed races and genders.  Last time I checked, I am supposed to help my fellowman.  Last time I checked, EXCLUSION was the problem.   Apparently, I’m in the minority.  Have a joy filled Friday.


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