Transformative Thursdays: What’s Next?

Several years ago, my daughter HAD to have an American Girl doll.  Now, if you know anything about these dolls, they are fairly pricey and you can select from lots of different dolls or even create your own.  There’s a whole line of clothes, shoes and accessories you can purchase as well.  One day, our daughter came home and kept telling us about how much she wanted an American Girl doll. She looked at the dolls online and picked out the “perfect” one.  She showed us the one she wanted and explained why.  My husband and I had NO intention of paying that much for a doll but as the weeks went on and she continued to talk about this doll, we gave in and decided to get it for her for Christmas.  We didn’t live near an American Girl store so we ordered it online.

Of course, Christmas morning, she was so excited to get her American Girl doll!  It was the one she wanted and she played with that doll all of two or three months.  The doll made its way to the back of the closet and ended up being thrown out this week.

Clearly, my daughter had moved on to the next thing after only a few weeks.  How many of us get stuck playing with the same toy or nursing the same offense or carrying around the same burden for days, weeks, months or years?  Some thing keeps us from moving forward and letting go of the old and trying out the new.  Periodically, I tell my children to clean out their closets and get rid of the old things for which they have no use and make room for something new.  Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with the old “toy” but our desires have changed or something new has been created.  We have to be ready and willing to release the old and reach for the new or we’ll find ourselves stuck with old stuff.

What is the new thing that God is wanting to do in your life?  Is there something that’s taking up space that needs to be removed?  Is there a new season you need to embrace?  Don’t be afraid to step into the uncomfortable and unfamiliar in order to try the new thing.

Isaiah 43:19 (MSG) reminds us: “Forget about what’s happened; don’t keep going over old history.  Be alert, be present.  I’m about to do something brand new.  It’s bursting out!  Don’t you see it?  There it is! I’m making a road through the desert, rivers in the badlands…”

~Coletta Jones Patterson

Coletta is an author, life coach, business executive and weekly blogger.  Connect with Coletta at

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