Speak Saturdays: My Family Legacy

So this past weekend I was with my family as we laid my great grandmother to rest. While sitting in the funeral my great grandmother had a special tribute from the class of 1976. So I was confused at this moment because my great grandmother was 96 years old and there is no way she was apart of the high school graduating class of 1976.

Well after the funeral I was sitting at my aunt’s house talking about the day. I asked about the tribute and if something was off about the graduating year. Well to my surprise it was correct. My great grandmother dropped out of high school to take care of her family. When she returned to the workforce her job required her to have at least a GED. Well she wanted her HS diploma and since the job was paying for it she decided to go for her diploma.

I sat in amazement as I was listening to this story. This woman who was married with several children went back to school to get her HS school diploma. Yes she could have taken a simple test and gotten her GED but she wanted to experience everything. She wanted to show her kids the importance of education. She wanted the best for herself.

Oh how I wish I knew about this before her death. I would have loved to hear the stories about this journey. And I’m sure the stories would have been quite comical. It is so important to sit the feet of our older family members and listen to about their journey. Their journey shapes your path. Their journey gives you family history. Their journey is your legacy.

Happy Saturday!!!

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