Say What?!? Saturday: Study Space Update

If you missed my study space posts then click part 1 and part 2!

The designer bug bit me again! The previous legs to my desk had warped due to the middle bar missing. All Ikea is not created equal smh So, I got tired of a leaning desk and decided to add real legs this time.

This was my first foray into staining furniture and I must say I’m now slightly addicted lol



The weather was perfect. I was under the carport enjoying the breeze and listening to Outkast. Quite therapeutic.


I bought a pack of top plate attachments and decided to screw them on slightly so the legs had a base to stand on!


Brought everyting inside. In hindsight, I may have needed to leave them out a little longer because of fumes. Although, they were dry to touch, after wiping the excess stain off, they were still letting off fumes. But I’m impatient soooooo lol




This is the full desk view since I never did update the whole space.


Also a couple of weeks back, as a study break, I started customizing a coaster lol

The coasters I got on clearance from Target, used some glass beads I had from the dollar store, also some scrap fabric and there ya have it!

~ Ruth


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