Say What?!? Saturday: Study Space Pt. 2

Let’s see, where did we leave off?

Yes! I’d spray painted the legs and set the table top on them. Just an update on that, I’m looking into securing the top because I tend to kick the leg with my foot by accident and it slides. I’m thinking I will use some E6000 glue.


Anywho, once I got the foundation of the desk set, I needed functional but cute accessories. Since the desk is only roughly 47in long by 23in wide, I knew I needed to utilize the wall space in front of me.

I knew as I went through school I would need to display my schedule, calendar, and other current important papers. So I created the following (with the help of youtube…I got lost down the rabbit hole of desk organization videos).

Cork Rounds and Mouse Pad

The cork rounds came in a pack of 3 for $3.99 from IKEA. I then purchased these fabric squares for .97 cents/piece at Walmart. I wanted to keep my colors neutral and light. With the fabric side down, I placed the cork and traced around it leaving a 2-3in allowance. I then got my trusty glue gun and secured everything. Now I live in an old house with plaster walls, so command office/picture hooks are MY LIFE! *ahem* I picked two I wanted to be on my wall and made the 3rd round my mouse pad.



Clipboard Display

So! I picked up a pack of 2 clipboards from Walmart for about $3. Following my mantra of functional but cute, I decided to spruce them up. I had left over shelf contact paper form another project that happened to work. I previously purchased this from Walmart for about $8 for a rather large roll. The tools I used were: scissors, exact o knife (not pictured), socket plate for it’s straight edge (you can use anything, this just happened to be handy) and a ruler.

I first allowed 1in all round because I would be folding the edges over to the back. I then peeled the back off of the contact paper and started from the non clip end, pulling back the paper slowly while smoothing out any air bubbles. Once I made it to the clip, I trimmed off the excess backing paper. Next, I traced a straight line on either side of the clip and cut that with scissors and traced the front top with the exact-o knife. I think they came out quite nicely. One holds my monthly overview calendar and other holds my schedule and any other important papers. Command strip city to mount.

Desk Chair

No desk area is complete without a good chair. The way my budget is set up, I didn’t have the money for a new one right now. So what does that mean? Upcycle! We had a perfectly good desk chair, that felt comfortable to me, it just needed a pick me up. I took a trip to where? Walmart of course! I searched their fabric for a durable, neutral fabric and got 2 yards. This fabric fell under the upholstery category and I believe it was $8 total.

I started by flipping the chair upside down and unscrewing the bottom seat. Now, I’d grabbed by staple gun in anticipation of their being foam on the bottom and I needing to staple the fabric to that foam. I was quickly surprised by a hard plastic backing and the seat having a cover that had elastic edges. No problem. We improvise. I started pulling and tucking the fabric around and occasionally securing with a straight pin when needed. The tricky part became screwing the seat back to the base. In my case the screws were stripped so I’m currently just using my body weight to keep it secure….don’t judge me. lol For the top section, I got this idea from a youtube video. I grabbed a flat head screw driver and again began tucking and straightening all around until I got the fit I liked.

Wall Mounted Mail Holder

My inner craft goddess would not let me throw these away. So the Ikea trestle legs came in plastic packaging that was end capped by these cardboard boxes. I glued two of them together side by side and covered them in fabric I had left over from the chair. I did a 3rd box that I attached to the front. Of course, good ole command strips to mount them on the wall. These boxes are just wide enough to fit a standard sized bill or pamphlet.

Final Product

…maybe…lol I am contemplating adding a comfy rug under the table for both stability and warmth.

On top of my desk if my huge laptop *side eye* The gray pencil cup holder is in fact a $1.88 toothbrush holder from Walmart. It has slots instead of holes, so it works. I did find I needed an additional pencil/highlighter cup and grabbed a mason jar I had sitting around collecting dust. The supplies tray was re purposed from another spot in my house. If you look closely, those are tick tac toe shot glasses holding my paperclips, pushpins, rubber bands and flash drive. Use what you have! I also grabbed a clear glass coaster I already had. Also my trusty Passion Planner!

I’m actually a little obsessed with this desk area. To the right of my desk is a bookshelf. Once I get that organized, the bottom will be storage for school books and notebooks. I will definitely do an update on that when it happens.



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