Say What?!? Saturday: Study Space

School is almost here! Thankfully the antique wall piano is now gone and I have the space for a small desk area. The piano took up quite a bit of wall space and gave the area a heavy feeling, so the desk area would have to be as light, airy, and clean as possible.

Now, I’m on a budget, so I decided to DIY as much as I could.

I went to the local IKEA and purchased their LINNMON Table Top for $19.99 along with LERBERG Trestle Table Legs (2) for $15/leg. So the foundation of my desk was around $53 including tax. I decided I was more in love with form of the trestle legs than the color, so I picked up a can of Rust-o-leum spray paint in the color Copper Rose for $7. So pretty!

So I got down to spray painting the legs. Now there is supposed to be a cross bar at the bottom but one was defective and I didn’t feel like returning it. The legs were stable so I didn’t fret too much. In painting metal, thin coats are your best friend as well as a good primer.


I then set the table on top. Note: you will need additional furniture pads to keep the table top from sliding.


Simple, clean, and airy in it’s form. I now have access to a white wall. I then began thinking about functionality as well as aesthetic. 

Phase 1: $70

Next week, I will continue this DIY Series!

~ Ruth

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