Therapeutic Tuesdays: A Tribute to the Sistahs

So, I’m going to cheat. last week, our challenge was to choose a photograph of an African American woman and write something about her. Instead, I want to honor all of my sisters, whether in the white house, the green house, or the shanty house on the corner. I wrote this poem back in 6th grade, and I think it is due for a revamping.

My ebony princess,

From ebony isles,

With night as your throne

With Stars lining  your aisles,

Spoken of in lore,

Like a myth of long ago,

The Queen of all and nothing,

Whatever you decide.


My ebony Queen,

With an ivory smile,

And a grin that causes

Sky and Sun to bend.

Fashioned by God

With a crown in your heart

And His glory on your head.

Brilliance seems to be to dull a word.


Royalty and regal beyond

Mere understanding.

Whether dark as night

Or brown as sugar

Or light as truth,

You gleam and beam

The reality of the matter.

There is no us without you.

There is no use without you.

There is no us




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