What Would Happen If You Interviewed Siri for a job?

Hi Siri, my name is Marta. Thank you for coming today. I’d like to start by asking you a few questions.

Siri, what are your weaknesses?

Hmm…interesting. Well let’s try it this way.

Well, we certainly need employees who are willing and able to help. Let me ask you this.


Actually, no, we are talking about you, but I understand that can be a touchy subject so we can move on if that’s what you prefer.

Yes, it would be helpful if you could tell me something about your work life before today. What about compensation?

Hmm, well then, I suppose our hiring range is in line with your expectations then. Tell me a little bit more about you.

What can you do for us that other candidates can’t?

I see. It sounds as though you are very…versatile. One last question just for fun.

Interesting answer, Siri. Well, I think I’ve heard all I need. Thank you again for coming in today. We’ll be in touch with you.
By Marta C. Youngblood

*What are some of your favorite Siri responses? Take a second and share them with us in the comments section below.

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