Sundays with Stassi: Forbidden Love – The Preacher Man part 1

I was in a state of spiritual insecurity, confusion, and loneliness. I felt like God had dropped me in the middle of the wilderness and left me there to “fend for myself.” So I made a decision to try. To try to find a church home, a family, a place to call my own. A place where I could reconnect spiritually, to meet new people in this new place that I was forced to call home, and to serve in ministry. So I found a place, attended it, and even joined. I knew I couldn’t just be a pew member, so I immediately signed up for the youth ministry. After all, that’s where I always felt the most comfort. My passion was ministering, encouraging, and mentoring the young people, especially teenage girls. In my previous youth ministry was where my teaching skills were improved and where my spirit man on the inside was strengthened.

That’s where I met him…I was following God’s desire for me to be in ministry. So I went to the training meeting, you know, the one where the youth leaders make sure you sign background checks and get you cleared to work with those church members under the age of 18. A lady ran the meeting just for me because I was the only one who showed up. But then he showed up at the end. He was in charge. We had that Georgia connection…He immediately stored my number and reassured me that he would be my go to contact person when I have questions or concerns. I thought nothing about it because I was longing to belong some where. I was used to having direct contact with my Youth Leader and the Senior Pastor. In fact, I still had my former Youth Pastor turned Senior Pastor’s mobile number on speed dial for whenever I needed to use it. But I soon found out that he was different. He was wearing a mask that pretended to care about my walk with God. He prayed for me and whispered sweet scripture into my soul with the same breathe. Oh but did I mention…he was married…

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