The Business of Raising an Entrepreneur

So my child has a wild imagination. She can’t help it. She gets it honest. Nevertheless, I do my best to keep it fueled in a healthy manner so that she knows that as long as she works hard almost anything is possible. With that said, I have promised that I will do all that I can to support her dreams. Like most kids she’s said she’s wanted to be a princess, a superhero, a doctor, a teacher, etc.

Recently, she went on and on about wanting to be a fashion designer. She drew her own sketches with the help of a stencil and colored them and even put prices on them. My mother even taught her about patterns for making clothes and how to sew. She even went into a clothing store and talked the cashier up about having her boutique one day.

However, lately her other interest has become opening up a business and I’ve explained the concept of entrepreneurship and the need for investment capital. She’s wanted to have a yard sale, have a lemonade stand, and this week she has talked incessantly about opening up a girls salon. She even went so far as to draw up visuals, come up with a name, and then begged me to take her to find an empty store space where she could have her business.

My mother said that I needed to sit her down and talk to her. I understood what she meant but I want to be very careful about teaching her the possibilities of accomplishing her dreams. So… I took her to a store front, we talked about money, taxes, marketing and PR, and business licenses.

I see these encounters as educational opportunities for real life outside of the classroom. One day she will have to work and although the world’s job market will be very different by then, at least she will have had some exposure that she can blend with her studies and real world knowledge to follow those dreams.

Meanwhile, I’m just a mother trying to raise a child who will hopefully one day be a successful and productive member of this society.

~Lynn Scribe

Guest Writer for TheWRITEaddiction

*Story reposted with permission from the author.

2 thoughts on “The Business of Raising an Entrepreneur

  1. I enjoyed reading this Lynn. My daughter shares an entrepreneurial spirit and sometimes it’s hard to know how to guide her. Do you allow her imagination and dreams to go wherever? How often do you do a reality check? How do you use these moments as teaching moments? These are all questions I ponder and work through on a pretty regular basis.

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