What’s Happening Wednesday: What a Comeback!

I didn’t watch the NCAA championship game, but based on the score, and the headlines I’ve read ,our KU Jayhawks pulled off a historic come from behind victory.

I do not know the ends and outs of the game. I don’t have stats or play-by-play commentary. But I do know the final score, and really that’s the only statistic that matters.

I am no sports aficionado, but I know about making comebacks. I know what it’s like to be counted out, even though there is time left on the clock. I know about seeing dejected fans in the stands. I know about making last minute mistakes that could have cost me the game.

But I also know that I’ve got a Great Coach, who can see the end from the beginning. I’ve got teammates who refuse to let me fall, and a Spirit inside of me that will not let me quit.

If you are down at half-time, don’t worry. The game is not over. If you step out of bounds or commit a foul at a critical juncture in the game, you don’t have time to beat yourself up. Just get back in position. You can come back from this. Just ask anyone who watched the game Monday night.

My prayer today is for everyone who feels like they are too far behind to catch up. You can still win. A setback is just a setup for a comeback, and yours is on its way!

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