What’s Happening Wednesday: Stewardship of the Body

In keeping with this year’s Black History Month theme, Black Health and Wellness, I’m focusing on the importance of taking good care of our bodies. I believe physical health is a stewardship issue. Our churches use the parable of the talents to teach us to use our time, talents, and treasure for God’s glory. But it’s hard to do any of those things if we aren’t physically well.

In looking for a Biblical example of a good steward, I started and stopped with Jesus of Nazareth, simply because he is our most perfect example in every facet of life, including our health. We don’t know what Jesus looked like. But we can get a pretty good picture of what his life was like.

We do know that he was came to fulfill the law, which meant he kept all 613 commandments, including the dietary restrictions. I am not suggesting that we all run out and get on the Mediterranean diet. I am saying that we ought to be mindful of what we take in to our bodies. What feels good or tastes good might not always be good for us.

Jesus was physically active. He was a carpenter by trade. He probably didn’t sit around all day. We know he walked every where he went. The world has changed. Many of us have sedentary jobs, and most of us are not intentionally walking. I’m going to challenge you to get a step counter. Most smart phones have free applications that will count steps for you. Try to get a 1000 more steps than you’re currently getting per day, and see how it affects your body.

Lastly, Jesus rested. This is probably one of the hardest things for some of us today. There are a million things to do. Someone will always need or want something from us. But Jesus, himself knew when to lie down. Rest is restorative, and we’re going to need it if we’re going to make the world a better place, as Jesus did.

As stewards of our own bodies, we have a responsibility to take care of what we have been given. In doing so, we bring glory and honor to the one who gave it to us.

Be Well!

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