Turn Up Tuesdays w/Stassi: BHM part 1 – Your little Friends

Happy 2021 y’all because I’ve already missed a whole month this year 😁 but back just in time for some Black History month lessons!

Today we’re gonna talk about friends.

I saw this post on FB and I had to laugh because I’m “that” friend who has to check my friends when they start flinging around the word “friend.”

Copied from someone’s FB post

It’s the – NOT EVERYONE IS YOUR FRIEND – part for me.

I bet y’all are wondering why is this a BHM post? What does this have to do with celebrating black history?

I’m glad you asked. Understanding who are friends in your life vs. those in other categories will save you a lot of heartaches and pain! We have to fight so much against this systematic oppression each day and we don’t have time to also fight against the people who we categorized as friends. If we are to move forward as a people…as a community, then we have to recognize who are not for us and treat as such. The uncle toms, the black retrumplicans, the stab you in the backers, the take credit for your work folks…and the list goes on. These folks are hindering your progress. Our progress as a people. And you need to stop calling them your friends.

So let’s normalize moving in circles of support without toxic baggage to slow us down. It’s our time to move the needle forward for our collective community to continue the job started by so many of the people who we celebrate this month and all throughout the year!

Let’s make history y’all!


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