What’s Happening Wednesday: Life Lessons from My Little One

I had a long challenging day yesterday. I had to work until 4, take my son to an appointment at 4:30 and then drive home in 5:00 traffic. I was tired, and I still needed to make dinner, clean the kitchen, and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t want to do.

But when I got home, my baby bird was waiting at the door for me. She wanted to go outside and play. I came up with a million excuses, but I knew that she had energy to burn, so I acquiesced. I gave her the choice of walking for a few blocks or getting on her bike. She chose her bike, which meant I would have to walk faster than planned.

So we pulled out her bike. She didn’t want to wear her helmet, and since I wasn’t expecting to be out long, I didn’t make her wear it. We didn’t make it to the end of the driveway before she took a tumble. The bike went one way, her body went the other. She started to cry, but I reacted quickly. I helped her up, told her she was okay, and within seconds, she was back on the bike again. I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of her.

Anyway, this wasn’t just a lesson to me about perseverance, but one of preparation. I probably couldn’t have done much to keep her from falling. Falls, like sin, happen to us all. But my kiddo, in her haste to get outside, failed to put on her protective gear. She had the opportunity to lessen any harm that might have come, by just taking a few extra seconds to prepare properly. Has that ever happened to you? It certainly has happened to me.

I have haphazardly packed for overnight trips, only to realize I forgot socks. I made impulse purchases that I regretted down the line. I have made snap decisions without praying first. I have cost myself numerous hours, and countless dollars. Poor planning has even caused me physical injury, at times.

Preparation is a biblical principle. Noah had to build an ark before he ever saw a raindrop. Moses grew up in the palace, but had to spend time in Midian before he was ready to speak to the pharoah. Elisha had to study under Elijah before he could take up the full mantle of prophet. And Jesus had thirty years of life experience before he even began public ministry.

I challenge you to take just a few extra seconds today to prepare for what’s in front of you. It could make a world of difference!

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