Turn Up Tuesdays w/Stassi: Stretch it Out

Before this pandemic started I was already working from home a lot. However, the major difference has been not being able to go to the gym or anywhere else to just walk around. This southern pollen is the bits so I have not been outside much at all. Being stuck in my studio apartment and working strictly online from home has my body all out of whack.

Thankfully, yogadownload started a Healthy, Calm and Courageous 3-week Yoga Challenge. I have not done everyday of the challenge, but over the last 2 weeks I have only missed maybe 3 days. During the challenge, they send an email with 2-3 yoga class choices for each day. The choices tell you the intensity and class level. Most days I focus on beginner classes that are low intensity so that I can get in a good stretch.

However, this week there has been more intense classes posted. Yesterday I rode my indoor cycling bike for 30 minutes after working at my home office desk all day. I was not motivated to do much so a challenging course just did not appeal to me. Also, after working all day I really did not want to do ANYTHING!! (this is why I work out in the mornings) Yet, today I did the same thing. I got up and went straight to my desk to start working because I have an important deadline this week. Thus, I missed my morning workout AGAIN. Well, today I am extra sore from this typing position and I don’t want to workout. Thankfully, today was my blogpost day. I jumped on here to motivate myself to get some yoga in tonight to stretch out my body.

I am here to encourage you during this time to take time to stretch out your body. As our minds are being constantly stretched by our current circumstances, it is just as important to take time to stretch our bodies. Especially if you don’t have a home gym or other ways to have some resemblance of normalcy in your life. Just Stretch.

No equipment. No technology. No distractions. Not a lot of space.

Just you and floor. Just Stretch It Out.


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