What’s Happening Wednesday: Things Have Changed

Last month, Governor Laura Kelly said she was closing all Kansas Schools for the rest of the year.  I remember thinking that she had lost her mind, and way overstepped her boundaries.  Looking back, I know The governor made the right decision, and I commend her foresight.

I didn’t see this coming.  None of us did.     A lot has changed since then.  All of us have been affected by this virus.  It has changed the way we work and the way we worship.  It has changed the way we live.

So what happens next in corporate America?  How will workers respond now that they know their work is portable, and easily could have been done from home?  It has long been rumored, but now we have actual proof that every mandatory meeting could have been handled as an email.

What happens to our education system? Many parents  and students have discovered that distance learning is a viable option.  While there are still many challenges, there are just as many successes. What does post-secondary education look like in the future?  Do dorms become obsolete? What does Harvard do with its 40 billion dollar endowment if nobody ever sets foot on campus?

Finally, and most importantly to me, what does worship look like when this is all over?  I have thoroughly enjoyed attending multiple services on Sunday morning.  I don’t have to worry about how I look.  (I at least tried to look decent, even though I failed most Sundays.)  It’s going to be a little more obvious which preachers are using sermonspice.com and who is actually doing their own research and studying. The 2.5 hour worship experience might not be ideal any longer. What does church look like going forward?

These are things we all need to think through. Things have certainly changed.  We have to change, too.

Mama Radford

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