Parent Power in Action

I came across a very interesting statistic the other day while researching the greatest concerns of preschool parents. While parents over all were concerned with issues like separation anxiety, transitions from home to school, their child’s abilities to get along and make friends, as well as academic expectations (in other words could they keep up), the majority of African American parents’ greatest concern was the exposure of their young children to racial inequity within the school setting. 

In fact, many parents of children of color fear that the very place they send their children to learn and grow each day are desperately searching for quality early childhood placements and after visiting these sites which claim academic excellence all too often feel that these institutions do not recognize nor celebrate diversity.  Parents pick up on this sense often when tuning into the center or school staff composition as well as the environment and curriculum choices on display during their visits. This is not to say that these schools deliberately plan for such an outcome. The reality is that these environments were created by and for people who do not share nor understand the experiences and cognitive and socio-emotional needs of children from African American backgrounds.

The solution to this problem is not easy. However, a careful look at the current landscape may reveal solutions that are not only applicable but very accessible and viable in their implementation. Lets review one option you may consider… (Click HERE to read more)

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