What’s Happening Wednesday: Nope

So I’m listening to Shonda Rhime’s “Year of Yes” on one of my audiobook apps. (Why, yes, I do have multiple audiobook applications. Yes, I have books being read on each app. And yes, I am a nerd.) “You never say yes to anything.” Shonda says, quoting her sister Delores.

This sounds right.

In the last two weeks, my husband tasked me if I would help some people with a project. I told him that I would not, but more importantly, that the people involved in the project would never ask me, because they knew the answer would be a firm “no”.

Years ago, I was describing a disagreement with an acquaintance to a third party. I said “He’s put me in a box. In his mind I’m a person who always says, no.” Looking back now, I completely understand why the man put me in said box.

Anyway, It’s early in the book, and I already realize that a year of agreeing to try any and everything is an awful idea, at least for me.

I have said yes to too many things. I have said yes to the wrong things. For these and other reasons, I’m sticking with my answer.

You can keep your year of yes. No, thank you very much. (See how polite I am.😀)

Mama Radford

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