All You Gotta Do Is Say Yes

I wouldn’t call 2016’s year end my most successful holiday season. There was a lot of tension and frayed nerves to navigate. One extremely positive thing that did happen involved my finding my way inside of a Barnes and Noble and purchasing a copy of Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. I had told myself that I would eventually get to it but circumstances pushed me to get the book that day.

I read it through cover to cover in a day and a half.

And then I made a choice. I chose to say, “Yes” to many things in my life that previously I had put on hold.

I didn’t do it to join a trend and I didn’t really announcement my decision to the world. That’s right, I didn’t declare my intentions on Facebook and stalk my Like counter to see who was supporting me in this decision.

I supported my damn self.

Looking back now I feel its time to reflect for myself and if you’re reading this right now it means I have come to the decision that the act of sharing these revelations is part of what I need to grow and kick the Yes thing to a new level.

1. I Said Yes to Myself

2. I Said Yes to My Loved Ones

3. I Said Yes to My Wants

4. I Said Yes to Surrendering OFIs Back to Their Appropriate Owners

5. I Said Yes to Focusing on the Work I Enjoy

6. I Said Yes to Quitting Things That Brought My More Stress Than Delight

7. I Said Yes to Stay At Home Weekends

8. I Said Yes to Celebrating Me

9. I Said Yes to Not Having It All Together At All Times

10. I Said Yes to Shedding My Hair

11. I Said Yes to Long Solo Road Trips

12. I Said Yes to Accepting Help From Friends

13. I Said Yes to Being More Vulnerable, and Survived the Experience

14. I Said Yes to Surrendering Control At Times

15. I Said Yes to NOT Being THE LEADER

16. I Said Yes to Accepting That I’m Better Off Without Certain People In My Life

17. I Said Yes to Unshelving Some of My Old Dreams

18. I Said Yes to Buying Some Things On Faith and Trusting That It Would All Work Out

19. I Said Yes to Being Ready For Some Major Life Changes

20. I Said Yes to Being Selfish More

21. I Said Yes to Trusting My Spouse More

22. I Said Yes to Making More Time For Those Who Make Time For Me

23. I Said Yes to Asking For Help Directly

24. I Said Yes to A Fitness Plan, Failed and Worked to Figure Out How to Get Back At It

25. I Said Yes to Not Trying To Fix The Crazy In Others

26. I Said Yes to Indulging In My Movies and TV Shows More

27. I Said Yes to Investing in Indie Projects That I Love

28. I Said Yes to My Definition Of Home Being Different From The Norm

29. I Said Yes to Being Comfortable In My Own Space

30. I Said Yes to Being Comfortable In My Own Skin

31. I Said Yes to Solo Brunches

32. I Said Yes to Working On Being My Entire Self At All Times

33. I Said Yes to 19 Crimes 🍷

34. I Said Yes to Letting Go Of Past Hurts

35. I Said Yes to My Writing

36. I Said Yes to Embracing The Unknown And Blocking Fear Before It Can Take Root

37. I Said Yes to Being Fully Happy As A Norm Not An Exception

Marta C. Youngblood is a writer, education and social entrepreneur based in Lubbock, Texas. For more information on her current projects visit

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