Funkadelic Friday – The Frustration of Forgetting

IT’S JUST DOWNRIGHT FRUSTRATING when I can’t remember how to do something or a thought that I JUST HAD!  When I mention this new REALITY to others that my memory appears to be slipping, the response is usually “Aw girl stop.  You are just too busy.”  Although I appreciate that folks are trying to put me at ease, I KNOW that something is amiss. 

No, I have not received a diagnosis but one knows when what was once simple to remember, no longer is.  You know things are a little hinky when you can’t remember where your glasses are and they are ALREADY on your face.  Things are a little hinky when you can’t remember how to get somewhere when you have traveled that route almost everyday of your driving life.  It’s DEFINITELY  hinky when you have to ask multiple times how to access a writing group in order to submit your blog to the group post.  I must admit that it is a little scary.

In the meantime, I will continue with my mental exercises.  I will continue to write down notes that will help me to remember things.  I will start taking pictures and posting them in strategic places to help me remember certain things.  This way I will not irritate others by having to ask them for assistance.  It’s time to face the fact that forgetting for me is not longer from “my mind being too full.”

Look for more submissions . . . if I can remember.


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