Speak Saturdays: HBCU Tour

Our church youth department is planning to embark on their second HBCU tour this upcoming week. This is an exciting time for 35 junior and high school students. They are about to be exposed to one of the greatest national treasurers in our nation. I am proud graduate of Mississippi Valley State University. I am forever grateful for my alma mater, the lessons it taught me, and friendships that are still in tact 18 years later.

I was exposed to the world of HBCUs my 8th grade year of junior high. REACH was a program whose focus was to expose African Americans to collegiate life, particularly HCBUs. Imagine the awe of kids experienced from the Mississippi Delta when we make our first stop. To say we were amazed was an understatement. And to think, we had the opportunity to visit more colleges our junior year of high school.

I am so excited that the HBCU tour was started for our youth who live in Northwest Arkansas. They are about to experience a culture that is not often promoted in their schools. They are about to witness the excitement that the adults get when their HBCU is brought up in conversation.

If you would like to support this effect, then consider purchasing a Black Minds Matter shirt. More information can be found at the link below: https://stjbc.org/event/hbcu-tour-black-minds-matter-t-shirt-fundraiser/2019-05-01/

Happy Saturday!


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