information overload

STOP “BUGGING OUT” YOU SAY?  Let me clarify.  I am NOT against technology.  NO! I don’t think that a phone is smarter than a human being.  NO! I don’t think that a computer is smarter than a human being.  NO, I don’t believe that a child should have a cell phone, I-pad, Mac Book, I-phone before the age of 10 (ESPECIALLY WITHOUT HUMAN SUPERVISION).  YES! I support intelligent/wise/thoughtful technology in our schools (public or private) with qualified instructors who are there to TEACH the students something CONSTRUCTIVE and not allow them to just sit there and wander around the internet, while learning how to break through and get around ALL of the safety settings.

The Public Library has become a haven for all, young and old alike, to come and get on the computer to access the world!!!  Like everything else, it can be a tool used for good or a tool used for evil.  When people decide to research information to hurt others, that’s when I become upset with the ALL TO EASILY, ACCESSIBLE INTO EVERYONE’S LIFE,  ROADWAY OF TECHNOLOGY! The greatest example of a person who should have some of their technology privileges CURBED is Trump who uses his FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION ALL TOO FREQUENTLY ON HIS PHONE TO HURT OTHERS!  T. M. I.

(just a few more thoughts on the way)


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