The Power of Prayer

I had an interesting exchange on Facebook this weekend that I decided to share. After sharing my relief after hearing back from all of my family and friends in the Carribean we’re safe in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma I was prompted by a comment to clarify my intial point regarding the power of prayer and what it means in my life. Too often I believe Christians are so taken aback at how some question our choice to pray in times of trouble that we have a tendency to overreact. I’ll admit that what I ended up writing was not my first reaction, but experience has taught me to choose my words carefully, especially in matters of faith. My response was as follows:

I mourn the loss of those who are not among my friends and family as well. I embrace the Virgin Islands as a part of my community and my heart has ached throughout all of this destruction. When I reference the power of prayer, I speak to what my Grandfather taught. 

Prayer can offer comfort to those in pain. Prayer is a petition to what I call God for mercy over things for which I have no control. 

People who pray can die. 

People who pray can live. 

Prayer is a way of managing the feelings and emotions that come with this human existence. It’s not a qualifier of who deserves life over death. 

Prayer is also a choice and does not nor should it be forced on anyone.  Prayer does not have to be defended because again, it is a choice.  I hope that helps you understand my choice of words. 
I am not threatened by those who would challenge my choice of prayer nor my faith in a higher being or greater purpose to my life than mere existence. Prayer works for me. I leave it to others to decided if prayer works for them as well.
Marta C. Youngblood is a writer, education and social entrepreneur based in Lubbock, Texas. For more information on her current projects visit

One thought on “The Power of Prayer

  1. Prayer and peace go hand in hand as fare as I am concerned. Prayer are words to God. Peace is being free from war, stress , and/or turmoil. For those who believe, to have you can’t have peace without prayer because the one that the prayer is offered up to brings the peace.


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