Therapeutic Tuesday: The Moment of “Now”

Last night during a meeting, I heard a gentleman talk about the moment of NOW. He didn’t necessarily go into great detail about it, and I doubt that he will even remember saying it now, but it stuck out to me.

My thought process on this is rather simple. A Christians we are told to wait on the Lord. We wait. Some teach tarrying. Either way, we become so used to the idea of waiting, that we forget that God is also the God of NOW. What does this even mean? It means that not everything is a waiting game. Salvation is not a waiting game. Ephesians 1 tells us that our blessings are not a waiting game because God HAS blessed us with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places through Christ Jesus. So, while we are taught to wait on God, there are so many moments when the timing is NOW. Right NOW.

Stop and pray right NOW. Believe for healing right NOW. give that word of encouragement right NOW. Praise God right NOW, before you see any results. See, the power of NOW is that it forces us to live in the moment, and believe that even with uncertainty, God is still inhabiting that moment, just as he inhabited every moment before, and every moment after.

Today you will be presented with a NOW moment. Don’t wait on it. Take advantage of it. DO! BE! GO! Something or someone is depending on you.

Besides, the thrill of life is not knowing what is around the next corner, yet still knowing that God has already mapped out the result.

Be blessed!

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