Therapeutic Tuesdays: Teachable Moment #1

As our theme for this month is about teachable moments, I have had a hard time really deciding on what I wanted to open this month referring to. My life has been one huge teachable moment, as I’m sure many of yours has been as well. I think that I will begin, though, by talking about the ultimate teachable moment in my life. Trusting God.

As God is my Father, he uses everything in my life to teach me to trust Him. You would think that a child trusting a parent would be a no-brainer, right? But I have seen in my own life, with my own children, that trust still has to be earned. Our oldest has had moments where she has almost tested us to see if she could trust us. It was not harmful in any way for our relationship to be challenged in this way. I would venture to say that it was healthy, actually. I brought us so much closer together.

In the same fashion, God has been teaching me over and over again what it means to trust Him. To trust in His plans even when they contradict my own. To trust His love when I feel alone. To trust His favor when I don’t feel like the most blessed person. It says something that God is so patient with us, especially when we tend to forget many times just how faithful God has been in the past. Yet, He never scolds us for not trusting. He only continually reminds us that His mercies are new every morning, and that He has promised us countless times that He will never leave us.

I think sometimes about riding a bike. I can still remember learning how to ride bike. it was my older brother who taught me. It was during the summer, and I was in the grass, trying to learn how to keep my balance. My brother stood behind me, but because I was so focused on the bike, I forgot about his presence there, to keep me from really hurting myself. Falling was inevitable, but getting hurt was preventable because he was there.

In life, falling is inevitable. We are fallible beings. The key comes in knowing continually that truly getting hurt is preventable. God is there. His presence is there. When you can not see his hand, trust His heart, because He intends to turn every scar and every painful moment into a beautiful thing if we will only trust Him.

So what I guess I’m saying to all of you, and myself, this morning is that we can trust our Father. His heart is turned toward us and the full measure of His love shines on us every day. We don’t always feel it, but we must have the heart-knowledge that it is there.

He has proven it time and time again, from eternity through eternity. We can trust Him!

Be blessed everyone!

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