What’s Happening Wednesday: Come Get Your Girl

So I was scrolling through headlines on CNN, and saw that Keshia Knight Pullman escorted Bill Cosby to the court house as his long overdue trial began.

In my head, I heard three voices simultaneously. The first was that of Claire Huxtable, in a very stern motherly tone, not quite yelling: “Rudith Lillian Huxtable!” 

The second and third voices were that of @Danrue and Jesus Christ, the Lord exclaiming, “Oh no, baby. What is you doing?”

Where are Keshia’s friends, (classmates, co-stars, co-workers)? Were all of her sorors busy that day? Come on y’all! Don’t let your girl be out here like this.

I don’t know Ms. Keshia personally, but I feel like we grew up together. We wore the same clothes, listened to the same music, had the same awkward ’90s hair phase. Rudy, and therefore Keshia, was my girl.

I was glad when The Cosby Show ended, and Keshia went back to school. I was overjoyed when she chose one of our most prestigious institutions to further her education, and when she graduated from Spelman, I don’t think I could have been prouder.

I was even glad when she started popping up in random black people movies. I’m no Tyler Perry fan, but I was even okay with her popping in a few of his productions. I mean, it’s Atlanta. If you’re an actor looking for work in that city, TP is a good person to know. Keshia was not that convincing as a prostitute, but you know, who hasn’t taken on a bad role in their life? (I’ve acted in two plays, and I seriously doubt I was convincing in either.)

Fast forward a few years. First there was that disappointing stint on used-to-be “Celebrity Apprentice.” Then we got word that she’d married former NFL player and Real Ex-Husband of Housewives of Atlanta, Ed Hartwell. The marriage barely began before divorce rumors were swirling. They were together long enough to produce a baby, but not long enough to assure Ed of his paternity. My heart broke for Keshia as we watched her descension into reality TV hell.

But nothing prepared me for this.

This cut me to my core. I get why Mr. Cosby wanted Keshia next to him. (Side note: Showing off a young, beautiful, successful woman that you managed not to rape, does not prove that you did not rape other young, beautiful, successful, women, you creepy something or other.) But what on earth does Keshia get from this, other than her picture back in the papers and her name back in the headlines?

One of the reasons we all loved Keshia, was that she never seemed that hungry for fame. She did her job well, and elicited critical acclaim, but she wasn’t trying steal anyone else’s shine, unlike certain other child stars, who shall not be named, for fear that their names will pop up next when I’m scrolling through my newsfeed.

Anyway, somebody who knows and loves Keshia, tell her to stop this. Remind her that Mr. Cosby never has to work again… even if he’s not convicted (he could easily walk), his working years are behind him. But tell Keshia, she (and by she, I mean we) is still young and that her (our) prime earning years are ahead of her. Tell her that there is nothing remotely comedic about this situation, and that it will not resolve itself in 30 minutes time. Remind our dear childhood friend that she is talented and that she can act, but that she doesn’t need to act like this.

Mama Radford

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