What’s Happening Wednesday: Sacred Waters

Everything was so mixed up. Salty streams flowed from every orifice. The tears hurt more than anything. The mixture of sweat and blood almost felt cleansing and for the first time in forever, I could hear my own heart beat. It both frightened and excited me.

I felt heavy and light-headed at the same time. It’s was as if I were floating on a cloud, but with a 10 pound weight on my chest. I found it hard to catch my breath. In a moment of clarity, I spoke to myself and was floored by the sound of my own voice. “Pull yourself together, G. Radford.” Nine syllables. It was all I could muster. But it was also all I needed to hear.

I steeled my spine, caught my breath, and pulled myself from the troubles that threatened to drown me, just seconds before.

Blood, sweat, and tears are common to us all. It is no coincidence that our very birth involves all three. They are the building blocks of our character. The Blood shows us things we’re willing to sacrifice ourselves for. Sweat shows us what we value and what we’re willing to work for. Tears often show us who and what we care about. Too many of us have shed our sacred waters for the wrong reasons, and over the wrong people.

Realizing that can be harsh and hurtful. But it can also be healing and helpful. We can never get our spilled blood, sweat, or tears back. But one of the most amazing things about the human body is that it generates those healing waters anew.

So pull yourself together. What you need to survive is already in you.

Mama Radford

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