Transformative Thursdays: What’s in a Selfie?

When was the last time you posted a selfie?  Or looked at someone else’s selfie and gave a mental critique?  Do you find yourself comparing yourself to the family at church that always looks so perfect and put together?  Do you compare yourself to your coworker who always gets the rave reviews at work?  Or what about the neighbor’s lawn which is always perfectly landscaped?  Are you genuinely happy for those around you who are progressing and doing well or do you secretly wish you were them or wonder how they are so “perfect”?

Society seems to be consumed with selfies, getting approval from others and “keeping up with the Joneses”.  Many people find it hard to go a day without posting a selfie or looking for all the “likes” on a post.  What’s really behind all that?  I think a lot of it is because we are caught in a trap of comparisons and pleasing self.  We have forgotten how it feels to be genuinely unique and happy with who we are.  We are constantly looking for approval from others and “likes” to feel important, valued and worthy.    You were created GOOD ENOUGH and your approval comes from God—your Creator.  Period.

Imagine if the time we spent posting selfies and looking at other people’s selfies and the time we spent criticizing ourselves and others, were spent on congratulating someone or lifting someone up?  What if all that time was spent on doing random acts of kindness?  What if all that time was spent on learning who we REALLY are—not the fake self we’ve grown accustomed to seeing.  How different would our lives be?  How different would our world be?  How different would our schools and churches be?  We have the power to make that change—to become a better authentic self.  To become someone that is truly happy with being themselves.

So next time you post that selfie, or scroll through your timeline or look at your neighbor’s yard, think about how you can be your best self and how you can lend a helping hand to someone else.  Let those selfies be a reminder that the sum total of who we are is not wrapped up in getting approval and praise from others or in being someone we were not created to be.  Be reminded that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and you are ENOUGH!

-Coletta Jones Patterson

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