What’s Happening Wednesday: WCW

Dear Justice Ginsburg:

It’s Women’s History Month, as I’m sure you’re aware.  I’m writing letters to some of my sheroes (and at least one super-villain,  but that’s neither here, nor there.)

You are an American treasure.  Please don’t move to New Zealand.  People like you, who fight for justice, are what will make America great.  (Presidents can’t actually do that alone.  It is the job of every American citizen.)

You are brilliant and beloved.  Besides being a badass, opinion-authoring jurist, you find time to perform marriages and appear in operas.  Your friendship with the late Justice Scalia proved that two people who disagreed could be friends.  That message is surely needed in Washington right now.

Speaking of that, I just learned that you were confirmed by 96% of the senate in the 1990s.  I lived through the 1990s.  That was a tense time in government.  The executive and legislative branches were not able to see eye to eye on many subjects, but almost all of them agreed that you were well qualified to have a seat in the high court.

That being said, I was a little concerned about you this past two years.  It was uncharacteristic of you to comment about a presidential candidate.  I agreed with your assessment… But that’s not the point.  You are usually quite good at holding your tongue (something I have yet to master.  Just another reason for me to look up to you).  But then you commented on Kaepernick.  I wholeheartedly disagreed with you.  Colin Kaepernick, in my book, is also an American treasure.  Maybe he’s not an ACLU attorney, but his quest for justice is no less noble than yours.  You have since apologized, and while it wasn’t your best work, of course, we accepted.  I mean, you’re the notorious RBG.  How could we not?

Speaking of apologies, the media owes you one.  I think every late-night comedian has made a joke about wrapping you in bubble wrap for the next four years.  But that was before someone got hold of your workout regimen.  Turns out you could literally run circles around most of  them, not to mention out wit them (and they are some witty characters.)

My daughter says she wants to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. I hope you and I both live to see that.   She’s ten.  So let’s both agree to take our vitamins.  Just kidding, sort of.


Mama Radford


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