My Life in Instagram Photos and Musings

As I pulled my bike around the bend, the corner showed me what to amend. There on the walls of the tunnel I pass by so many times before, is a message.  Now I don’t claim to have a direct line to Source, but sometimes art speaks to me in ways that hits me straight in the core.


My choices. My reactions. My wounds.  These are mine to work on and develop, so that self-love radiates like the sunshine I follow with such childlike innocence.


The parts chiseled away or left exposed for the next enlightened day. I ride for peace. Peace of my own mind, and the fragments and ripples that our thoughts collectively affect.


I see art everywhere. And yes, I am so worth loving.  A powerful week of discernment where honesty must be the guide and denial I cannot hide.


#street #trail #streetphotography #art #poetry #writer #activist #loveyourself #healing #mindfulness #movement #trekking #cycling #photo #fayetteville #arkansas #travel #blogger #life #alchemy #spiritual

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