Therapeutic Tuesdays:Seriously?

While I can’t wait for this election cycle to end, I know that we are in for 4 (or 8) years of nonstop, increasingly hostile rhetoric from both sides of the aisle. As horribly as I thought President Obama had it while he was in office, I fear worse is on the horizon. If the past year is any indication, we will be begging for new elections. I don’t post my own political views on Facebook, or any kind of social media, and I will not do so here either. I just want to share a video that one of my Caucasian sisters, and I mean that in the pure blood sense of the word, shared with me privately via FB Messenger. It encapsulates every emotion I have had over the last few years. We have to do better.

There used to be a song that I would hear often. “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony..”

What we have now is a discordant hymn being produced by the loudest voices in the choir. it rubs us the wrong way, yet instead of waiting for a director to stop those voices, perhaps it is up to each individual singer to put their arm around the singer beside them, and show them by action, what it means to be one voice, one sound, one world.

Be Blessed, America.

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