Mellow Mondays: Exercise Your Right

This political season has been quite interesting to say the least.  The commentary, debates, and every thing else in between has thrust America into the spotlight; that has not been flattering on most days.  I tend not to talk about politics with individuals outside of my immediate circle.  Often times these conversations become heated and one-sided because the person you are discussing issues with are not well educated about the subject matter.

One comment that I am hearing directly or indirectly is “I am not voting this year”.  Now when hear these six words I immediately become confused.   The voting process takes 15 minutes.  You can have three different ways to cast your vote:  early voting, absentee ballet and the national day to vote.  I can’t understand why people sit and consistently complain about our political issues but do not go out and vote.  It is especially disheartening to hear a woman or an African American to say these six words.   So many sacrifices were made for everyone in this country to have the right to vote.  How does not exercising your right vote changes the situation?  How does complaining about the political scene change the situation?

I hope everyone will exercise their right during this political season and vote.  There is so much at stake.  We can not allow our stubbornness to rule our common sense.  WE NEED TO VOTE in order to keep our present and future in tact.

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