My Four Fathers

As I reflected on a past TWApost that spoke strongly to me I too found myself on a Thursday post that I encourage you to reflect on called “Stay the Course”

In it the author mentioned how these word which were share with her by her father impacted her approach to life.

Her story reminded me of a story I’ve never shared before today that I think it’s time to tell. 

One of my dearest joys in coming home to visit in my youth was the chance to steal away a little time to visit my “Four Wise Men”. These were four of my mentors who helped advise me on various decisions that I made across my early career. 

The first of these wise men grounded me in my history and helped me stay the path of remaining true to who I am and where I come from. He taught me that life is about more than just instant gratification and selfish desires. That I am a part of a whole and great people and that lacking any piece of our whole out of malice or strife deminishes us all. He was the first to go on to his Heavenly reward, but the knowledge that he gifted me with I have cherished as a part of my every day being.

The second of these wise men taught me courage and steadfastness. I remember his example to stand in the knowledge of that which is right and good and true. He proved to be a rock upon which foundations could advance our great and glorious human endeavor. I miss him though I work to honor him in the work that I do.

The third of these men taught me cleverness and humility and how to value both in good measure. This is a gift that I call upon to make sure I maintain my balance despite anything life throws at me.

The fourth wise man taught me to trust my heart. Not the notion of love that the world tries to shove at us daily, but my deep and inner spirit. The secret place where I and my creature commune in solitude. My inner sanctuary that fills me with the need to give more than I receive and love evermore than I am loved by man because I am loved by He who created me for purpose. I miss this great teacher who never once elected to impose his will on my life, rather insisted that I do the work of exploring God’s purpose for my life. 

I have known great men in my life who as men have shown me that everyone is capable of carrying out great commissions in life. My four wise men stood as elders should and lifted me on their broad shoulders that I might reach higher than they to chart my own course into the unchartered future and for that I count myself blessed.

~ Marta C. Youngblood

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