Havana Sundaes: Begin Again

I have  failed a thousand times and I might fail a thousand more but each time I am stronger, wiser, and more purpose driven.  I am addicted to the comeback story and obsessed with the phoenix rising from the ashes.  I have been on a long and tumultuouus path and a long bleak journey where I cant see the end.  It is sometimes overwhelming, all consuming, but I’m never afraid to fail and begin again.

And I’ve had to many times, my back hunched in the pain of defeat, my hands leathered and locked with the over practice of holding on, my mouth watering to taste the sweet syrupy taste of accomplishment though far too often denied  I’ve been tired so very long but on a vow between me and The Creator I begin again.

In this lifetime we will always begin again as one year leads into another one plump and juicy with potential growth and discovery.  Every new experience a chance to rewrite ourselves as something greater.  A choice to go right or go left, to regress or progress.  Living with the consequences of the choice but with the setting of the sun, the closing of the eyes, whether we like it or not we will begin again.

New journey, new paths, new dreams. new lives, new blessings, new obstacles.  I have cried many times over constant unrelenting failures that have led me to these moments as my own eyes grow heavy, my thoughts slow down, and my breaths even out.   Tomorrow is another day, one more chance to begin again.

~L.M. Carbonell

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