Mellow Mondays: 12 Steps to Forgiveness – Part II

Today’s post is a continuation of last week’s 12 steps to forgiveness.  Below is recap of the first six steps that I wrote about:

  1. Admit that forgiveness is a hard task to achieve. Own the fact that you struggle with this concept daily.
  2. Rely on the spiritual foundation you have built in your life.  Understand and read the importance of the Biblical concept of forgiveness.  Learn to LET GO!
  3. Decide today to apply principle number two of letting go.  Place yourself in those shoes of those you cannot forgive.  How would you feel if someone continued to hold a grudge against you.
  4. Take time to write out all the people you have a problem forgiving.  Also write out the reasons why you are holding grudges.  Read them aloud.  Ask yourself if the reasons make sense.
  5. Give the issue of not being able to forgive to God. Ask a true friend to help you evaluate yourself during this self inventory.
  6. Prepare yourself for God’s movement in this issue.

And here are the last six steps:

7.  Humbly go to God in prayer and ask him to remove any hindrances in forgiving others.

8.  Start a journal.  Be honest with yourself about who you need to forgive.  Write out why you held on to those grudges for so long.

9.  Build the courage to make amends.  If you are unable to talk to that person face to face then write a letter.  Let go of the hurt.

10.  Self evaluate yourself.  Take a honest inventory of your progress.

11.  Build your prayer life.  Stay connected to the higher power which is God.  It is important and the foundation in which these twelve steps will work upon.

12.  Be amaze at the growth you will have and share the story.

This topic was a letter to myself.  This is one of the areas in my life that I struggle with. Once I am hurt by a person I tend to hold on to that hurt and allow it to fester. This is not becoming of my Christian journey. I have to take the steps to learn how to let go and forgive.  Forgiveness will give me an inner peace that I am longing to have.






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