Coffee, the addiction I honestly don’t want to recover from…

In the spirit of lightness and laughter I thought I’d tell a story about my love (need) of coffee.

I didn’t grow up drinking this stuff. In fact, ignorance of coffee almost landed me in the hospital freshman year of college because I was trying to stay up and brewed a strong pot of coffee and then poured it over ice. Mind you, I was a complete virgin to coffee at the time so you can imagine what happened next.

There’s something about the routine of coffee that I think I’m most fond of, especially because it’s not the greatest tasting stuff on earth.  

And I know that I can make it through a day with out it, but my day just seems better with it.

I’ve got all of the classic signs…

In seriousness though, I do think it is important to note the habits we have that while they may not be ideal, are not necessarily something to stress about. So, I accept this particular addiction for now and work to manage my habit so that it doesn’t manage me.

But if someone wanted to hand me $2Million for my personal use on the condition that I give up coffee, y’all know where to find me! πŸ˜‰

~Marta C. Youngblood

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