Led by the Holy Spirit

My father was a man full of wisdom and it was a joy to listen to him recite poems or expound on scripture.  You see, my father was a teacher, counselor, and pastor who loved his family and was dedicated to not only our physical survival but our intellectual and spiritual survival as well.  My mother was a woman whose desire to marry a Godly man and raise a family was very strong.  When she met my father, she sacrificed her senior year of college to marry and begin a family.  She was every bit of that virtuous woman that the Bible speaks of.  She to, was full of wisdom.  I realize that the challenge calls for (one) the most impactful statement but I must share two.  One from my mother and one from my father.

My father would always say at the end of our conversations, “well, go forth and slacken not your line.”  (II Kings 4:24).  This was his way of encouraging us to put our plan into motion and not become distracted.  Also, it was a confirmation of his blessing on whatever the action about to be undertaken was.

My mother was a praying woman and in her prayers she would always ask, “Lord! Please take a hold of the reins of my children’s minds and let your Holy Spirit direct them in the way you have set for them to go.”  She knew that all nine of her children were head strong and would need heavenly guidance as well as parental guidance.  It is interesting that she and my father used references to horses or something that at some point would need to be steered.

When the rider is on horseback, they must steer or guide,  the horse/donkey/mule/ using the reins.  When an animal is plowing a field, the driver must steer, or guide, the animal using the reins.  As a parent, one must steer, or guide, their child(ren) along the road/field of life until they are old enough to steer themselves.  My mother knew that even though we were adults, we still needed guidance and who better to guide us than the Holy Spirit.  Sometimes we can be so quick to move on a matter and not truly be prepared to handle it so her prayers covered us in those time of foolish movement.  I know that it  was  her prayers (when I did not know better) to the Lord,  asking Him to take hold of the reins of my mind, that keep me from making some really detrimental mistakes.  I am so thankful for her prayers.

The realization that I was blessed to grow up in a wonderfully loving family is not taken for granted but deeply appreciated.

Heed the wisdom shared by those who truly know the WAY!

Have a fabulous Funkadelic Friday.

~~~Malinda Gwyn~~~

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