What’s Happening Wednesdays: Wise Counsel

Today my mother told me I gave her wise counsel.


I am 30 years her junior, and in many ways, I’m just trying to catch up to her accomplishments.  She raised four beautiful, brilliant and independent children.  She retired before age 60.  Her home is paid for and she is enjoying retirement and her six grandchildren.  She has it pretty good, if you ask me.

My current season of life looks nothing like that.  My children keep me so busy that I barely have time to take a deep breath.  She can come and go as she pleases.  I can barely tell whether I’m coming or going.  Her weekends start with a regular hair appointment.  I just hope I can find a comb if I need one.  (Luckily, I rarely need one.)

Despite our different stations in life, I was able to speak a relevant word to her situation.  It, in no way, compares to the thousands of times she has poured into my life. She has whispered countless words of encouragement.  Her kindnesses can never be repaid.

But for at least for a few seconds, I could offer something to the one who has given so much of herself for me.

Wise counsel?  That might be a bit of a stretch.  It was practical advice on an extremely simple issue. But that she listened to and found value in what I said was an honor.

Thanks, mom.

Mama Radford

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