Therapeutic Tuesdays: 1.5 More Days

Well, another school year is almost done. People have often asked me if I counted down the days until the end of school, and my response is always the same. No. I don’t count down the days, because I enjoy my job too much. I enjoy my students way too much. I have fun doing what I do. So, why would I countdown? Sure, the break is needed, but I feel like I cheat my kids when I don’t come in and give them 100% of me, even in the last day and a half of school. That is just my own personal mission. I can’t speak for anyone else. Thinking about that, I wrote this poem last night and sent it out to everyone in my building. Hope that you all enjoy!

1.5 more days.

1.5 more days till sleeping late
Or staying up late
Or reading books
With phones off of the hook.
1.5 more days till freedom rings
And teachers sing
Those choruses bright.
1.5 more days till we can live
Our lives…it is in sight.
The students all leave,
The classrooms are bare
1.5 more days till we’re just not..
1.5 more days to love a child
Who might not be told for awhile.
1.5 days to speak a truth
That changes a life as an adult for a youth.
1.5 days to converse and say
Those things that children
Need to hear us say.
1.5 more days
1.5 days
I know we’re all tired,
But can we do more?
Can we send them off
With a pep in their steps
That helps them navigate
And move closer to a positive fate?
1.5 days
Can we wait
To celebrate
Until we’ve hugged
And watched those awkward gaits
Depart our gates
With smiles, because they see
That in them
We fervently, and passionately
In that case,
1.5 more days is not nearly enough.
But it’s all we’ve got…
So let’s make them count.

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