My Mother’s Love

After over 40 years of teaching in the K-12 and higher education systems of four different states, you would think that she’d be ready to kick back and relax in her hard earned retirement.  No, not this educator.  I am so proud of her for deciding to go after one of her dreams.
Ask Dr. Marta is the name you will recognize her by on Facebook and other social media, a part of the Marta Collier Educational Systems & Services, LLC.  Let me tell you, what you all have seen to this point on the Facebook page and the is just the tip of the iceberg.  This is what my mother LOVES!  She finds these amazing books and shows you how to facilitate learning out of the pages.  It’s truly an awesome thing to behold.
So, today I take a moment to publicly salute my mother for her courage and her commitment to continue helping make education better for students, teachers and parents through the sharing of her knowledge and wisdom.  If you haven’t Liked her Facebook page I’d suggest you run on over there and do it now so that you don’t miss anything.  Also, do your friends a solid and share the page with them so their kids and nieces and nephews don’t miss out either.