Biopics: Do We Criticize Too Harshly?

The internet is buzzing with the trailer release of the Nina Simone biopic.  Every social media platform has gone crazy.  I tell you I laughed from a good healthy place at some of the Twitter posts.  Many people are not happy with the casting choice and have already buried the movie before it’s premier. Upon watching the trailer, I did question whether or not Zoe Saldana  was the right pick for the role. Physically she looks nothing like Nina Simone.  But she is very good actress and I am sure that she prepared thoroughly for the role.  Now I love a good biopic like the next person.  Ray, Get On Up, 42, and Selena are a few of favorite.  The stories were told magnificently.   But do we as the audience have high expectations for biopics?  Do we criticize the actors fairly?  What expectations of the stories do we have?  Are some biopics released too soon?  Are the right people in place to retell the story of the famous?

Are you planning to see the new Nina Simone biopic?  What is your favorite biopic?  If your life story was retold who would star in the leading role?


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