What’s Happening Wednesday: Into the Fog

My early morning commute was nearly sidetracked by a run of the mill weather event.  It’s December, but so far, there has been no snow.  It wasn’t ice, not even rain.  As I approached the overpass, A fog covered the highway..

Driving into the fog, it looked as though a cloud had descended from the heavens, just to visit the majesty that exists where Kansas and Missouri meet.  The dense fog seemed to cover everything as far as the eye could see, making everything appear fuzzy and unclear.

But while driving in the middle of that fog, my focus became crystal clear.  I paid close attention to the brake lights in front of me, and the headlights in my rear view mirror.  Because everything around me was in a haze, what was  in front of me took precedence.

A weird thing happened as I neared my destination in downtown Kansas City.  I looked in my rear view mirror.  The fog that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere was completely invisible.  That thing that made me nervous in the beginning was not even on my radar when I neared my destination.

So the next time you’re headed into to fog, remember it’s not as big and scary as it looks.  Keep your head down and focus.  And finally, know that you will come out of the fog just fine.  Just keep going!

Mama Radford

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