Therapeautic Tuesdays: It’s Poetry Time


No mo NanoWriMo to blog about! What do I talk about now? That story has gone. That ship has sailed. The phat lady has sung! I know! One can never go wrong with poetry. So with that, let’s cut the lights down. Band, I need something funky, with a trippy bass line. Perfect! Somebody pass me my fedora and my scarf! Alright, I think it’s time now.

I look at this world, I scan through the news,

If I had to leave my review, I would outright refuse.

People abusing rights, instead of right, they choose

To slander down a slippery slope cause we reject all the cues.

We reject HIS clues that HE is coming back soon,

And we focus on hating folks, and spreading fear for our truths.

I can’t stand it, this..this makes me sick..

So much talk about ISIS, when all of our schools are just sick..

They’re much testing, students bent out of shape.

Teachers stressed and underpaid, yet told to smile like things are great.

But wait..

Losing our sons and our daughters to defiling waters,

Letting the media feed em until no longer bothered.

Hating on POTUS cause he’s black, no other reason needed,

Racism from both sides of the aisle, what are we feedin people?

Using the steeple to shank outsiders, the whole world is weepin!

Acting like heathens, narcissism the well from which we’re drinkin

Schemin and stinking to high heaven, what this world needs is JESUS!!

We need reflection and introspection, to comb through our own hearts

Pecking out every speck in our eyes before openin em..

The only remedy is love. The only time for it is NOW.

Cause Christ is coming soon.

Just wait for the skies to crack open..


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