Transformative Thursdays: Getting Unstuck Pt. 1

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Have you ever been driving and gotten stuck in the mud? How did you feel hearing the wheels spinning and seeing the mud splashing on your car, but not going anywhere? How did it feel to push the gas for the 10th time only to go nowhere? How did it feel to see people passing by in other cars going effortlessly while you were stuck? To make matters worse, you were already thirty minutes late for work.

So many times, we find ourselves in situations where WE are stuck…stuck in life. The clock is ticking (we’re not getting any younger and opportunities are passing us by), but we can’t seem to get out of the mud. We are trapped, caught, ensnared, burdened or encumbered by situations.

How do we get to this place called STUCK? Most of the time, it happens little by little. We stop putting in the maximum effort to achieve our goals. We stop dreaming of what we really want to have and settle for less. We start listening to those around us that are on the same level we are on. We frequent places where people have settled for less because it makes us feel better. We join the ‘naysayers club’ which encourages us to give up and stay where we are. We stop looking for better opportunities and stay at the minimum wage job because it’s all we have ever done. Simply put, we settle and we become stuck.

We settle for mediocrity and being average. We begin to buy into the “at least” mentality. (I live at so and so place, but at least it’s not at so and so…I made a C in that class but at least it wasn’t an F.) Each of us possesses something great—something so much bigger than we realize because it was placed there by a BIG God. He has no limits and no end. So why do we have limits? Why do we second guess ourselves? Why do we settle for what we can see? It’s these “handicaps” that limit us…the fear, doubt, and unbelief. We are our own biggest enemy.

Getting unstuck takes a lot of work which we will delve into over the next few weeks. The first step is realizing you are stuck and deciding you want more. Do you want to stay there forever? Do you want to live that way always? Do you want to have that in twenty years? Can you remember the day you dreamed of having success? Do you remember feeling the euphoria of achieving something great? What happened to those dreams? Did you dismiss them as your own foolish thoughts? Did someone talk you out of going after it? Did you limit yourself because you were afraid of failing? Did you stop because you ran out of money? What got you stuck? What made you settle?

I know these are a lot of questions to answer and digest, but it is the first step to realizing you may be stuck. I venture to say all of us are stuck in some area. There is more we can and should be doing, but something told us to settle and we slipped into the rhythm of mediocrity.

Next week, we’ll continue this discussion of getting unstuck after we realize we are indeed STUCK! Join the conversation and share. See you next week!

~Coletta Jones Patterson

One thought on “Transformative Thursdays: Getting Unstuck Pt. 1

  1. I often feel “stuck” when there is a major change in my life that knocks me off course, basically something major that happens that I am not prepared for. When I was younger I had the inner strength of Samson so I adapted to change VERY well until one day I didn’t want to adapt anymore. I then became stuck because I refused change.


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