What’s Up Wednesdays: A New Day Chapter 2 Pt 3

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Chapter 2: PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

As she stood transfixed with fear, the figure moved with astonishing quickness, almost appearing to disappear from one spot, and then reappear in a spot closer to her. Athens knew that she needed to move. Her mind was screaming at her to do something, anything, to escape from this situation, but her body was somehow not getting the messages. Her eyes tried to follow the movements of the shrouded figure, but it’s movements were too quick for her to fully perceive. It was all for naught though, because before she had taken 10 quick, staccato breaths, she felt the presence behind her, lurking just over her left ear.

Where her fear once held her bound, seemingly as soon as the figure arrived, her body again felt like her own. At first, she stood completely still. She began to recognize that the hairs on her arms were standing up, and she could feel waves upon waves of some type of energy wash over her. It was dizzying and exhilarating all at once.

“What is happening here?” she thought to herself, but even as that though finished, she heard another voice coming through her mind. It felt like her thoughts. It came through in her voice, but it wasn’t her.

“You are Athens.”, came the voice that was not hers.

Athens froze, and tried not to think a single thought, but her mind betrayed her and she cursed herself quietly.

“This is not happening. I am dreaming. This entire day is a dream. I need to wake up. Wake up, Athens. WAKE…UP!” she desperately screamed to herself.

But again, the voice that sounded like hers, but was not hers came through saying, “You have nooooothing to feeaarrrrrr, child. Thisss is not a dream, norrrr are you losing control of your mental faculties. We prefer telepathic communication. Morrrrrrreee efficient. Face me.”

Before she even realized what was happening, Athens felt her body twisting, pulling her around to face the figure. When her eyes rose from the ground to look into the face of her present company, what she saw rocked in a way that nothing in the entire day had been able to do, for as the figure lifted the shroud from it’s face, Athens looked into the eyes of a thing who looked exactly like she did. Same eyes, same nose, same lips, same raven-colored hair with hints of brown in the EXACT same places. Her hand went up to cover her now gaping mouth. Her eyes widened, and a scream began to form deep within her. As it rose higher and higher, her brain began to first ache, then pound. All at once she could feel her blood rushing, trying to get oxygen to her brain. At the moment when her scream should have pierced the air, though, it dissipated…much like steam into the atmosphere, leaving Athens exhausted, but with nothing to show for it.

The figure, her twin, looked at her with unsympathetic eyes. Athens’ brown eyes met the other’s eyes, and they studied each other. Finally, Athens willed herself to speak.

“What is going on here? Why do you look like me? This is not right!”

The figure, her, replied, “All of these thingss that you mourn here today, they mean nothing.”

As a brief synopsis of the days’ events cycled through her mind, Athens felt extreme anger welling up inside of her. How DARE this …this IMPOSTER tell her that none of this devastation and destruction meant nothing. Who was she to speak on the life that she had destroyed? As a physical response, Athens; fists balled up, and she seethed. She took a step forward, toward her “reflection”, not knowing if she would actually hit it..her, but prepared nonetheless.

Suddenly she found herself almost nose to nose. By now, her breathing

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