Havana Sundaes: Moving On

“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” –Henry Ellis

In 2015 I am definitely learning a new art.  I struggle daily with remembering all my mother said to me to prepare me for a life without her without becoming a permanent resident in the past.  My Aunt Tracy, a quote fiend like myself, said this quote (from our favorite show Criminal Minds) to me Wednesday night, and as I finished the week it has resounded in my head.  My memory is not clear enough on the details of conversations with my mother.  We’ve had too many from my earliest memories so I search for triggers or keys to recall something, anything, EVERYTHING she said that may apply to the current situation. Meanwhile, there is a life to be lived and I must focus on what is in front of me.  The anxiety of it all is overwhelming.  Finding the balance is key it would seem but be patient as I learn it.

But this doesn’t just apply to me.  Of late everyone around me is changing, their lives are reshaping, and they are standing still unable to decide the next course of action.  From the leaving of children for college (yes, I do have friends of that age), to children leaving the home for another country, getting married, getting divorced, losing a significant other to death or the slow process of dying, having faith that life is renewed as they anticipate a bouncing addition to a family.  From stepping out on faith to acknowledging you made a mistake while wrapped snuggly in your feelings.  Everyone, every life intermingling with mine, is in a process of change. Unfortunately almost all of the above scenarios are in motion not only with those around me but in my own life as well and we must all learn the dance to stay afloat while both letting go of that which holds us back and also clinging to what makes our lives worth living.

So as I walk into next week, next month, and all the years to follow I am asking for guidance both for myself and all of those around me.  This year is going to change the landscape of many of our lives and it seems important to constantly assess what baggage are we holding on to that we shouldn’t and what jewels should we chase after more fiercely?

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