2 thoughts on “Being Black?

  1. I personally think this young lady is culturally clueless and maybe because she is not black in America she sees being black different. It may also be her age. I don’t know. My view IS of a black American. There is a dark past behind being black in America that we struggle to rise above amongst each other and with how we, as a people, are perceived by the rest of the world. It is disheartening to see an illustration that started out so positive turned into something so disgraceful. I understand her theory that they could be referring to any race also but again, if she was more aware of Black American culture there are several suggestions specific to derogatory references to Blacks. My way of “getting over it” is by not giving it lip service. I didn’t comment or share when the retouched illustration initially came across my feed and other than this comment I won’t be sharing this video.


    1. I understand and respect tour choice. However, I do feel that the perspective that this young woman shared is one that can help African Americans view these issues through a different lense. I wrestled with whether or not I wante to share this at all for about 4 weeks. But I do see the value of being open to the conversation, especially when I talk to my Cousin Adwoa and several of my other friends who were born overseas and identify as being black/ of African descent.


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